The specifications

Houses and supermarket
Start construction
Klaprozenweg, Amsterdam

Shopping on Klaprozenweg, followed by a drink outdoors. A picnic in the new Buiksloterdijkpark and playing with the children in one of the many little squares. And then home. To one of the attractive homes for starters, couples, families and older people. That is the image of the future Klaprozenbuurt in Amsterdam-Noord, where two thousand homes, various businesses and amenities will be developed. Peak Development, together with Bun Vastgoed, will be developing around 200 homes in a range of sizes and styles, and a supermarket. This will give the Klaprozenbuurt an attractive and lively centre.

The business park around Metaalbewerkerweg and Slijperweg will be transformed into the future Klaprozenbuurt. A mixed urban neighbourhood with ample space for living, working and amenities, with the Buiksloterdijkpark on its northern edge.

Klaprozenweg, Amsterdam, Nederland

Mixed urban district

The new Klaprozenbuurt will have 2,000 homes and 40,000 square metres for economic functions. The aim is to create a high-quality and flexible urban environment that is in keeping with the existing urban fabric.

Lively character

On the ground floor there will be businesses and shops which will give the street a lively character. The district will have two new supermarkets, new restaurants and caf├ęs, two primary schools and amenities for social care and healthcare.

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