The specifications

Square footage
30.000 m²
Start construction
Amsteldijk 166, Amsterdam

Right in the middle of the crisis in 2013, Rivierstaete came to our attention. No other party was interested, but Peak Development was. We brought our partner Vastint with us for a viewing, and delved immediately into the building archive. We were at the right place at the right time, buying cheap and selling at the best moment.  

Rivierstaete: an empty office building (30,000m²) from 1972, freehold. Crisis or not, we felt it was an opportunity too good to miss! At the deepest point of the crisis, we advised our partner Vastint to tender for this project. The owner told us that the building was full of asbestos and that everything was worn out. A hopeless task? Certainly not! Vastint and Peak Development looked on it as a challenge. And so we embarked on the most successful redevelopment in the Netherlands. 

Trompenburgstraat 2, Amsterdam, Nederland
Lively rooftop

In collaboration with our partners, we completely gutted the building. Façades were removed and the systems pulled out. It was essential to remove the façades as by doing so we gained sufficient daylight. We more or less rebuilt the entire building. We added extra metres on the roof and on the ground floor. And we projected the façade (MSVA Architects) outwards, gaining hundreds more square metres. We made the roof (5,500m²) entirely green using roof terraces, 70 per cent of which is accessible to the public. This created a lively rooftop with a 360-degree view across the city of Amsterdam.

Christmas trees and pea soup

During the transformation we organized neighbourhood information days. While everyone enjoyed a bowl of pea soup, we told the local residents about the progress we were making. And as a little extra, we handed out free Christmas trees. The locals were delighted with the deliberate attention we gave to the neighbourhood. The result? A prestigious office building with a fantastic image and enthusiastic lessees, including Group M, Ogilvy, Uber and Messagebird.


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