The specifications

Square footage
45.000 m²
Start construction
Boompjes 60-68, Rotterdam

Replacing the old office buildings in the dike body along the Maas with residential buildings? Too technical? Definitively not. Peak Development joined forces with APF International to take up the challenge. Thanks in part to our smart mobility solution, the municipality agreed to the demolition of the office building. We are now building the design of Team V at this spot: two residential tower blocks with 342 apartments, a small footprint in the flood control barrier (dike body) and an underground car park.

For many years, old office buildings had stood along the Maas river in Rotterdam that no one wanted to redevelop. The main reason? It was incredibly complicated to build in the flood control barrier (the dike body). And the strict contours of the zoning plan didn’t make it any easier. A perfect example of a project that ‘drives’ Peak Development!

Boompjes 60, 3011 XC Rotterdam, Nederland
Tough negotiations

We negotiated extensively with the Municipality of Rotterdam about the maximum number of homes in the zoning plan, as well as the air rights, which are included as perpetual clauses in the deeds of many post-war buildings in the city. Thanks to firm stakeholder management (i.e. keep the neighbours on side), we were extremely successful in these negotiations.

Innovative mobility solution

Apart from its complexity, Boompjes was also exceptionally innovative. It was one of the first projects in the Netherlands to use shared mobility on a large scale. By means of an app, the residents can now make use of the mobility in the car park. We regard Boompjes as a masterpiece of innovation, engineering and commercial decisiveness. A project to be proud of.

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